Setting Custom Commissions on rBux

With rBux you have four options for setting your referral rewards:

1) Sliding Scale:
2) Fixed Percentage:
3) Fixed Currency:
4) Fixed rBux

Let’s go through each one. A video and written instructions are found below!

1) Sliding Scale

Sliding Scale is our default, which is automatically applied to all your products without you needing to do anything.

The default follows the general format of:

Starting at 10%——for a product that’s $100 or less—and decreasing as the product price increases.

So you are giving a 10% referral reward to your users.

As the product price increases, the referral percentage decreases. So, for a $500 product, there is a 8% referral reward. For a $1000 product, there is a 6% referral reward and so on…

This percentage automatically adjusts according to the product price without you needing to do anything.

The percentage rates are shown in the table below:

We’ve done this to add ease and convenience to your referral program experience.

Where the sliding scale option comes in is: you are able to adjust the starting point of your referral rewards.

So the default starts at 10%, but you can adjust it to 15% or to 5% or to 25%, depending on your needs.

With 15% selected, your referral reward percentage follows a different pattern: referral rewards start at 15% and decrease to 12%, 9%, 7.5% and so on, according to the product price. The percentage rates are shown in the table below:

Now if you adjust your referral reward starting point to 5%, it follows this pattern 5%, 4%, 3%, 2.5% and so on, according to the price of the product. The percentage rates are shown in the table below:

The other options referral percentage options are: fixed percentage, fixed currency and fixed rBux. These options are straight forward and I’m going to go through them now.

2) Fixed Percentage

If you select fixed %, this means that no matter what your product price is, whatever percentage you select will be applied as the referral reward. So if 10% is selected, it will apply to a $100 product or a $1000 product. Sometimes this is useful, if you want to just give a certain product a certain reward percentage—it keeps the math simple, so you know exactly how much you are rewarding your customers per product.

3) Fixed Currency

If you select fixed currency, this means that you can set a dollar amount, as a reward, so whatever dollar amount you select will be applied. So if it’s 10 CAD dollars, a $100 product would reward $10 CAD dollars and a $1000 product would reward $10 CAD dollars as well.

4) Fixed rBux

If you select fixed rBux, you are rewarding in a similar way to fixed currency, but using rBux instead. One rBux is equivalent to one US dollar, so it keeps things simple. Selecting fixed rBux means your can offer let’s say 5 rBux for referring a given product and reward that amount. It’s personal preference if you prefer fixed currency or fixed rBux.

Please also note that no matter which option you select for referral rewards, an rBux commission is applied on top that ranges anywhere from 0.25% to 3.75%.

This fee allows us to run our platform and keep our transactional business model going, which avoids us charging monthly fees AND allows you to only pay when we drive you sales. That’s the power of rBux.

We win when you win.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this resource. Please learn more by checking out your partner dashboard or contact us on live chat!