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rBUX Vendor program enables your customers to refer your products and earn rBUX rewards. To enable this for your online Shopping Cart, we provide plug-in installers for the most popular shopping carts. If you have a custom shopping cart system we provide the source code necessary for implementation. These plugins enable your customers to refer your products and earn rBUX Rewards, redeem rBUX Reward Points, and notify us when users purchase products so referrers can be rewarded. While referrals are free, rBUX Inc. manages the commission on each referred product purchase. A portion of the commission goes to rBUX Inc. and the remainder is awarded to the referrers of the products. The referrers receive rBUX points which can be used to purchase products from vendors that accept rBux for payments. Many of these Vendors understand that users have earned rBux by being influencers. These influencers can benefit these Vendors so accepting their rBux over buyers with cash can create more engaged influencer customer base.

For more information, visit our Support and FAQ pages, or see our Vendor Terms & Conditions.  For questions or assistance please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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