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Earth Day has been a popular day of celebration around the world since the 1970’s. Many people participate in Earth Day activities and talk about how they can help improve the environment. Earth Day has a theme every year and this year’s theme is to end plastic pollution. As an influencer, your content is viewed by millions of people every day on a variety of different platforms. The content you post makes an impact on other people’s lives as they look up to you for your expertise in life and for inspiration on how to better themselves. It’s important for you to share Earth Day initiatives with your viewers and convince them to be ambassadors of the planet.

The Role of Influencers on Earth Day

Influencers play an important role in Earth Day and its meaning. You have a responsibility to teach your followers how to be environmentally conscious and to think about their environmental footprint. Due to social media, influencers are changing the way people approach their lifestyle and purchasing decisions. As someone with great power and influence, there are many influencer tips on ways you can change your followers’ choices. One way for you to teach your followers how to go green is to share how you live a zero waste life. By providing concrete ideas you are making a direct impact on a person’s decision to reduce waste. You can also help create a greener planet by partnering up with organizations that have green initiatives. Your social media presence will educate your followers on the different ways to contribute to Earth Day and create a healthier world.

Ashley’s Green Life shares a haul from iHerb showcasing products such as lotion, water bottles, makeup that can help you go green.

Naturally Brittany inspires us with easy ways to go green and have zero waste in the kitchen while saving a ton of money!

Lavendaire provides tips to reduce your environmental footstep by living zero waste at home and outside when you’re running errands.


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By: Lyndsie Pacheco & Grace Guo