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Advertising and marketing is an important step in a business. Every company needs a strategy to entice us to see the value in their products and services. Big brands like #Pepsi invest millions of dollars each year to convince us that their products are worth it. Money is spent on commercials and ads and many digital marketing tools are used to try to gain customers. If you don’t have a large customer base like Pepsi or your niche is more specific, is the investment really worth the penny? The answer is probably not. However, you don’t have to be discouraged. The world is evolving to a digitalized era. All of our shopping and commerce habits are shifting from physical stores to our digital screens. This amazing article from BigCommerce highlights the history and evolvement of eCommerce. With the advancement of technology and the digitization of information, a recent and increasingly popular marketing tactic that you can use is influencer marketing.

What’s the newest marketing craze?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing where the focus is placed on everyday people with a passion. These passionate individuals express themselves through social media and showcase their talent and expertise in niche areas such as beauty, technology, and lifestyle. We are influenced by word of mouth advice and recommendations. Brands see the value of niche or micro-influencers and create dynamic collaborations to deliver campaigns that are authentic and real to their customers.

5 killer ways that influencers collaborate with rBux

You can connect with influencers a variety of ways by joining an influencer agency, contacting them directly or advertising to attract them. With rBux you can source various levels of influencers and easily see how their specific niche can work directly with your brand.

  1. Have the right influencers. You want influencers with a target niche that is similar to your own. Find these influencers by searching keywords, categories, and hashtags on different social media platforms or search the categories directly within rBux. See what other brands they are promoting and where their marketing focus lies.
  2. Are they the right fit? Look through their content and determine if you want to contact them. It’s important for you to establish a relationship with the influencer before you engage them in a business opportunity. This will make you more approachable, increase the chances of collaboration and provide an engaging consumer campaign.
  3. Be friendly! Send a personalized message to the influencer introducing yourself, outlining your brand and the advantages of collaborating with rBux. Highlight that rBux allows the influencer to earn money if their suggestions and reviews lead to conversions. People want to hear how an opportunity can be of use to them before investing in a collaboration.
  4. Ask for a review. Send the influencer one of your products that you promote within the rBux market. The influencer will try out the product and then create a review of the product on the agreed social media channel including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Ask the influencer to create a referral of the product from the rBux market and include it in their review.
  5. Create a long-term partnership. As consumers, we appreciate content that is authentic and real. We want to learn about the influencer’s experience and opinion about the product. We want to learn about how socially aware the brand is. We want to learn about how great it is for the influencer to collaborate with your brand.

These foolproof steps will bring you exponentially closer to your consumers. You’ll be able to communicate with them better and you’ll have a large network of influencers that will make your brand stronger. rBux enables you to pay influencers for product sales made directly or you can set up a payment plan directly through the rBux cryptocurrency program. It’s an easy way to start your brand working with influencers.

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By: Grace Guo