Here is how you can refer products and earn rBux:
  1. Find products to refer. Here are some of the ways to find products:
    • Visit an rBux Enabled online store, find a product, and click on the rBux refer button.
    • Browse products in the rBux Market. Click the refer button of a product you like.
    • Suggest products that are not on the platform. Then refer this product as a suggestion. Note, you can't earn rBux for suggested products but you can still tell your friends about them.
  2. To refer a selected product. Follow these steps from the 'Create Referral' screen.
    • First describe what you like about the product. You can even add pictures, videos, and Youtube links.
    • Save your referral.
    • Share your referral via email, social media etc.
  3. When your friends purchase you'll earn rBux Rewards. You'll even earn if they forward your referrals to others!

Once you're earned rBux you can redeem them for product discounts or withdraw them for cash. Note, one rBux is equivalent to one US dollar.

  • To redeem for products, go to an rBux enabled website, add products to your shopping cart, then view the cart. On the Cart view screen, you will be given the option to redeem your rBux. Select the amount to redeem then your total price will be discounted by the monetary value of your rBux. Please note that not all rBux Partner sites have the redeem feature enabled.
  • To Withdraw for cash. Go to, sign in, go to "My Profile" (top-right dropdown), select "Withdraw rBux". You will receive the funds via your chosen financial method in your Account Settings.


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