Empower your Customers

Do you have an eCommerce website?   Generate sales, increase site visits and boost word-of-mouth marketing by rewarding customers for making referrals!

  • Benefits

    Increase your online store's potential

    Customers who are rBux members can refer your products and help drive sales anytime, anywhere!

    Collect real time data

    Track which products generate the most referrals and sales. Identify which customers are driving your sales and connect with them!

    Build a community with your customers

    When a sale is made through a referral, rBux members involved will receive rBux rewards. By profit-sharing with customers, you treat them as partners.

  • How It Works

    1. 1

      rBux members send shareable referrals to friends, creating a referral chain.

    2. 2

      When someone purchases your product from a referral, you pay rBux a small percentage of the sale.

    3. 3

      rBux keeps a small portion for the cost of running the program and gives the remainder to the members involved in the referral chain that resulted in the sale.

    4. 4

      Members can redeem rBux as cash or use it towards the purchase of a product.

  • Shopping Cart Platforms

    Our plugin supports the most popular eCommerce platforms. If you have your own shopping cart system, we provide the source code to implement the plugin.

  • Getting Started


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    Go to our Partner signup page and tell us about your site.


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    Install the rBux Plugin

  • Image
    “Customer referrals mean so much to us. With rBux, my customers can refer our clothing and earn something for their effort”
    Sydney Binnington
    Business Owner — Canalien
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    “Retail is changing quickly and the opportunity to create online referrals is what will help us maximize sales.”
    Bruce Clark
    Business Owner — The Muskoka Store

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