The first step to getting started with rBux is to set up your rBux Member Account. The sign-up process is simple. Go to the rBux Dashboard here to register, and enter your name, email, and a password. Once you sign up, you'll receive an email from us to confirm your account. Press the Verify Account button in your email and you're ready to go.

To start making referrals, go to any one of our partner websites, choose a product, and press the Refer button that appears on their Product Description page. Then fill in the Create Referral form and save it. Now you can share your referral with your friends through social media, email, or link sharing. You can even embed a link to your referral on your own website.

Once your friends see your referral, they'll be sure to buy. And when they do you'll receive a referral reward. For the referral to be tracked, your friend needs to click on the original link you sent. This will bring them to the rBux View Product page. They'll need to sign up with rBux in order to view the product. Once they do, the referral is recorded in our referral tracking system as an official referral response, so it doesn't matter if they don't buy right away. If they come back at a later time, or even go directly to the product website, we'll still be able to track it and record the purchase.

What's even better is that if your friends want to refer the product themselves after the great recommendation from you, then you'll get a share of the reward for any purchases that they generate. It's called the "Referral Chain", and you're a part of it!

rBux rewards its referral members when product purchases are made. Each time a referral is made it is recorded in our system. When a response to a referral is made, that is also recorded. When the responder refers the same product to another person, they are added to the referral chain. When a person that has been referred finally purchases, then the referral reward is distributed to all of the members in the referral chain.

How is the referral reward split among members?

The largest percentage of the commission goes to the first referral member (the member that initiated the first referral), which is followed by the last referral member (the member whose direct contact has made the purchase), and the rest of the commission is split evenly by the parties in-between. It is important to note that rBux has been architected to reward all parties responsible for making a sale happen. This is the rBux practical and fair solution to tracking and monetizing referrals where everyone involved in generating the sale is rewarded.

Referrals never expire; however, the recorded response (clicks) on your referrals do expire after a certain period of time. The referrer must send out their referral to other members again in order to receive further rewards for the referral purchase. These responses are regarded as "new" responses, and this starts a new referral chain. The idea is that a sales promotion becomes "stale" over time and is no longer relevant. Referral clicks also expire once they reach a certain depth. This relates to the fact that a distant referral no longer has a significant enough effect on the sale of a product. Currently, referral clicks expire after 6 months, or when the chain depth goes beyond 11 members.
As long as you remain an rBux member, your rBux rewards will never expire.