Tweet your referrals to success!

Let’s use more than 280 characters to talk about Twitter


Look, Twitter these days is full of people slinging characters at one another, it can seem so unlikely that this platform is just bursting with potential to be used for your social commerce needs! So, with a little wordplay and a couple of puns, let me – the rBux Member Guru – give you an inside view into using Twitter for your own rBux gains!

The first step is to use a photo! Two hundred and eighty characters is not enough for a great review, but you know the old saying: “A picture is worth a 1000 words”. Take the photo not of the product you are referring, but instead feature the product. If you choose a backpack, then make sure the photo is of someone wearing the backpack, not just of the bag. Also, maybe a cat or a dog should be in the picture, those seem to ignite the web into a fur-enzy.

See, that’s just it! Twitter is a low attention span market, you need to be super concise to get people to read the whole thing. Using a photo or even a meme can circumvent this issue, so post away knowing that. Use the power of the visual medium to your advantage! 

Boom, now you have a stellar picture being tweeted featuring your new killed product, so what about words? First note on that is to keep it short! Tweets are so numerous and eclectic that if yours is too long, it will not get read. Also, try to avoid using large or phonetically complicated words, because it will lower the amount of times your tweet will be read. The hard line to walk is writing at a level that the audience will comprehend the tweet without feeling pandered to, even though that is what you are trying to do.

The final two pieces of advice I can give you is to post at peak usage times (lunch, after work, etc.) and to make use of space in the tweet. Think of tweets as post-it notes, filling it with text is not the best way to get it read. Posts that seem to blow up are either very short, have a picture, or use space properly. Often, they use all three, and are posted at a peak time.

So there are the simple things you can do to tweet with success, especially with referrals. So now that you know what to do, you should head over to the rBux marketplace and Refer a product today. There is cash to be gained, start now!

This advice has been curated and transcribed by the rBux Member Guru, and now it is to be used by you.