The Critical Keywords of a Great Referral

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Because I have been reading and researching all the sources I can find about how to make your referral hit success by using specific words or phrases. Now, after finishing all my research, I’m gonna upload my brain here so you can download all my sweet knowledge. Talk about a good deal. So, with a little spunk and a lot of synthesizing, let me – the rBux Member Guru – give you a raw look into my brain on how to Rock your Referrals with Keywords!

First off, let me explain why keywords are like using a Aston in a go kart race. Social media is a big and busy place full of the most eclectic versions of human minds. Attention spans are short, so as those of you who have checked out my other articles know, being concise and curt is super important. Keywords let you get the most bang for your buck with the few words you have in your referrals.

Imagine you are looking for a product and you are scrolling through reviews. What are you wanting to read to make you think a product is good? For most readers, they want to feel like the review is honest. They don’t want to hear that “it changed your life” or was the “most awesomest product ever”. That’s why the really effective keywords show your satisfaction of the product without compromising your integrity as a referrer.

Let’s start with a powerful word to include in your referrals to make them get sales: reliable. Now look, if you are referring food or candles, the product itself might not be as describable as reliable. However, calling either the shipping or the company reliable still helps. Obviously if the product itself can be reliable, use the keyword to describe the product. If you were buying a backpack, you would love to know it is a reliable product. This is why reliable is such a powerful keyword.

The next keyword we are going to touch on is value. No matter the cost of the product, people want to feel like they paid a good price for the item. By including this one keyword, you are able to reassure the prospective buyers that this is worth them giving up their precious greenbacks.

The final keyword I will cover here is actual short phrase: as advertised. Most companies advertise their products to sell, but customers are often hesitant to believe these claims. This issue is compounded when it comes to online shopping. By using the aforementioned keyphrase, you are able to put the worries of these potential customers to rest.

The last piece of advice I can give is to research the product community. For most products, there are specific keywords that are super powerful, albeit niche. A quick example of this would be for computer keyboards, bring up the quality of the switches. By using product specific language, you come off as more knowledgeable; and therefore, more trustworthy.

These critical keywords and keyphrases will take your referrals from unsuccessful to money making. rBux allows you to make money referring  so why not try these keywords and keyphrases out today. Be the micro-influencer. The world is full of possibilities, why not get PAID for your purchases and knowledge today!.

This download has been researched and transcribed by the rBux Member Guru, and now it is to be used by you.