FAQ – Affiliates & Members

  1. How do I sign someone up as an affiliate?

    1. The rBux model works slightly differently than other affiliate programs. But the good news is we think we make the process much easier for anyone to join. 
    2. For affiliates to join, instruct them to click the rBux refer button, which will show a “Sign Up Popup”. By signing up for rBux they will become members of YOUR AFFILIATE/REFERRAL PROGRAM. Right after they sign up, they will then be able to refer your products in the same session without waiting or delay. rBux automatically tracks successful sales from this new affiliate member and will automatically distribute rewards to them. (See “How do I pay my affiliates” for information on how compensation works.)
  2. How do I pay my affiliates?

    1. It happens automatically. That’s the great thing about the rBux system—it removes the hassle of managing a referral & affiliate program manually. The only requirement is that they sign up for your referral program via the rBux popup on your site. See “How do I sign someone up as an affiliate?” section for details. 
    2. On a simple level, when a sale occurs due to a referral, rBux calculates the referral percentage and rewards the “referral user” responsible in rBux (think rewards, loyalty points, etc.).
    3. The full process is slightly more extensive. Here are the components:

      1. Referral sale occurs 
      2. Referral percentage calculated and distributed to referral user 
      3. Referral user has rBux rewards, which they can redeem for product or cash out 
      4. rBux sends a monthly invoice to E-Commerce Partner requesting payment
      5. When the referral user redeems or cashes out, rBux sends money to either the Partner (to reimburse them for the used rBux) or to the Referral User (via PayPal)
      6. Note: it is important that the Partner pays the invoice promptly to support the payout to Referral Users and Partners.
  3. How do I use rBux with Instagram Influencers?

    1. There are two parts: (1) the rBux side and (2) the Instagram side.

      1. rBux side: (a) Create a referral for a product on the Partner e-commerce site (b) From the “create referral” screen, click the “link” icon to get the referral link (c) That’s it, you are done and are onto the Instagram part.
      2. Instagram side: (a) Paste the link in your Instagram bio and/or (b) if you have 10,000+ followers, paste the link in your instagram story (c) Reference in your instagram caption that you have a link in bio or ask the viewer to “swipe up” in story to go to the Partner site (via your referral link)! (d) That’s it! You are done and ready to track product referrals!
      3. Please note: (a) Pasting the link in Instagram stories is more effective than “link in bio”, which is more steps for the Instagram follower and (b) You cannot put links in Instagram captions, so that is why the link must be put in a person’s bio.
  4. Does rBux take customers off my site when they sign up or refer?

      1. No! rBux does not take customers off your site. The entire sign up and referral experience happens on your site so they can continue to browse, shop, buy and refer products to friends!
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