FAQ – Customizing Products & Rewards

  1.  Do I need to add my products individually? 

    1. rBux is automatically applied to ALL products. Once setup is complete, you don’t need to do anything more. To verify that you have set up rBux correctly (and your referral program is ready to go), go to one of you products and look for the “rBux Refer Button”. 
    2. If setup is correct, you will see this refer button on your single product pages. If you see this button you are done and your customers can now refer your products! 
    3. If you don’t see the refer button, please uninstall the Shopify app and reinstall it—this tends to fix the problem 9 out of 10 time. 
    4. If you still don’t see the buttons, send an email to support.
  2. How do I import all my shopify products?

    1. rBux is automatically applied to ALL products. See “Do I need to add my products individually?” for more info.
  3. How can I sync the products of my store?

    1. rBux automatically applies to all of your products. Now your customers (or social media Influencers) can refer your products and influence sales on your behalf! When a customer clicks refer, the product is added to your backend database of products (or you can click refer yourself). This will not happen to products that have not been referred.
  4. Under “Manage My Products”, only a few products show up in the rBux table. Do I need to add the rest individually?

    1. No. rBux is automatically applied to ALL products. See “Do I need to add my products individually?” for more info.
  5. How come there are only five products showing under my “Manage My Products” tab?

    1. rBux is automatically applied to ALL products. Only products that your customers (or you) have referred will show up under “Manage My Products”. See “Do I need to add my products individually?” for more info.
  6. Can I add rBux to JUST certain collections?

    1. At this time, rBux does not have “Collections” support. Unfortunately, either add rBux to “All products” or on a “Per Product” basis. We realise this may be an inconvenience; if you feel strongly that we should add this functionality, please email us at [support].
  7. Can I add rBux to just one product?

    1. These are the steps to add rBux to one or some products:
      1. Enable rBux for all products (this will be temporary)
      2. Go to each product that you want rBux on and click “refer”. (This will register the products on rBux.)
      3. Then, in your Partner Dashboard, go to: “Set Rewards -> All Products” section
      4. Under “Allow Referrals”, choose “For selected product only”
      5. Go back to “Set Rewards -> Per Product” section
      6. Select a product you want to refer and under the tab “Referral Rewards”, specify the type and amount of the referral you would like.
  8. How do I exclude certain products e.g. products with low-profit margin

    1. Note: we need to reexamine the method for doing this. Currently, a Partner needs to click the refer button on the product, which populates their backend product table, so they can exclude the product from referrals. The process is a little too cumbersome. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense—in order to exclude the product from referring, they need to refer it… Or more accurately, click the refer button without saving to profile or sharing. If we choose to leave it like this, we need to explain clearly how this process works.
  9. How do I show refer buttons on my collection pages?

    1. rBux currently displays on single product pages and the home page. If you’d like rBux on collections page, send us a feature request to support.
  10. What’s the difference between “Manage My Products” and “Referral Reports”? 

    1. For the advanced Partner, you will notice two section called “Manage My Products” and “Referral Reports”. Both sections have product tables and display your products. However, there is a subtle difference between the two sections. When a customer clicks the “Refer” button, it adds the product to a Partner’s product table in “Manage My Products”. But, it is not until this same customer signs up for rBux and clicks “save to profile” or shares on social media, that a product will be added to product table in “Referral Reports”. Additionally, the two sections show different data to the Partner: under “Manage My Products”, the Partner is able to customize their referral campaign and under “Referral Reports”, the Partner is able to review performance data related to ongoing referrals.
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