Three Ways to Sign Up for rBux



Note: Choose one method to sign up. You do not need to sign up using all three methods. Three options have been given to you for convenience and reference purposes.

Method 1: Click the “Sticky Tab” at the bottom to open the signup popup

On the home page of the Partner’s website (e.g., you will see a sticky tab at the bottom, which says “Refer & Earn Rewards” (although this copy can change slightly depending on the Partner).

Click the tab to open the popup. The popup has various sections, but the important part is the buttons at the bottom: click “Join Now” to sign up for rBux. Enter your email to begin the signup process.

Method 2: Click the rBux “Refer” button on any of the product pages

The easiest way to sign up for rBux, in my humble opinion, is to go to a product on a Partner’s website and click the rBux “Refer” button—typically under the “Add to Cart” or “Buy” button. When you click this button, it will prompt you to sign up or in before making the referral.

The reason why I prefer this method is because one-click leads to (a) signing up and (b) writing your referral in the same step. If you choose to sign up from the home page instead, you will sign up, then need to find a product, then click refer, which is a few more steps (or at least interrupts the flow between sign up and referral).

Method 3: Go to and sign up from the marketplace

If you would like you can go to and sign up directly. If your goal is to refer a product for a Partner site, I don’t recommend this method. My reason for this is that is great for checking your profile, rBux balance, previous referrals, to name a few things, but not as good for making referrals from a store. Instead, I’d recommend going to that store and signing up using the above two methods.

If you choose to sign up (or in) via, most times you will land on our main landing page. You will then need to click the left button that indicates “Start Sharing (become an rBux Member)”, which will take you to the Member landing page. From there, you click the button “Sign Up as a Member Now”. This button will take you to our Marketplace where a popup will appear that allows you to sign up. (It sounds like a lot of steps, but it’s really not.)

That’s it. You are done. You are now an rBux Member!