FAQ – General

  1. What is rBux? 

    1. We are a rewards program that primarily rewards for referrals and loyalty purchases. Our technology:
      (1) Tracks how your products are shared online
      (2) Tracks sales from Affiliates, Influencers and Customers
      (3) Automatically distributes rewards to users
      (4) Serves as a tool to manage your referral users
      (5) Empowers your customers to refer and sell on your behalf
      (6) Provides email campaign support to educate subscribers on how to refer products
      (7) Provides a dashboard for referral users to track performance
      (8) Provides a dashboard for E-Commerce Partners to customize their referral program and collect data. To name a few important features.

  2. We get the occasional message, “Hey, I need some help setting up the rBux referral buttons for my product pages.” 

    1. Consequently, we’ve created a video to demonstrate a successful installation (and showcase how easy it is).

  3. Does rBux work worldwide? E.g. in the UK, Europe, Asia, etc.

    1. Yes, rBux works worldwide. As our platform integrates with most e-commerce platforms, wherever they work, rBux does too.

  4. How will rBux get me more sales?

    1. rBux is a rewards program that incentives customer engagement, customer loyalty and product referrals. By offering rewards for purchases and referrals you are giving your customers opportunities to earn, get discounts and collaborate with your brand. 

    2. On a “big picture” level, you are turning your customers into salespeople for your brand and compensating them on a commission basis. Instead of paying salespeople “per hour”, you are paying them “per sale”, which removes up front fees and wasted labour costs. “Per sale” compensation turns your business model into “profit sharing” where you only pay when you get paid. 

    3. To run your rewards program takes very little effort from you. Simply inform your customers of the rewards program and how to use it. 

  5. Can I add rBux to any site?

    1. rBux integrates with e-commerce platforms with shopping cart frameworks. Currently rBux works best on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart. 

    2. Please contact us if you’d like rBux to integrate with your custom site or an e-commerce platform not listed here. Please note: there may be a fee associated with this integration as we would need to allocate developer hours to this project. Project fees can vary from $500 to $10,000.

  6. Do you have a Rewards Program terms of use and/or a referral/affiliate policy that I can add to my store?

      1. Partner Terms: https://rbux.com/landing/partnerterms
      2. Member Terms: https://rbux.com/landing/terms 


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