FAQ – Troubleshooting

  1. I can’t log in.

    1. Please try a password reset.
    2. Note: Partner and Member accounts are separate. If you have signed up as a Partner, it will not work for member sign up.
    3. If you cannot find a solution, please contact Support. We’d be happy to help!
  2. I can’t reset my password

    1. Please contact Support. We’d be happy to help!
  3. Is there a way I can get help setting this all up?

    1. Of course. Send us an email at Support!
  4. How to tell if you are finished installing rBux and everything is set up correctly?

    1. Go to a product page. If you see a “Refer button”, click it and create your first referral. If you don’t see the rBux button, your set up is not complete. Please contact Support.
  5. My website is not showing rBux button

    1. If you don’t see the refer button, please uninstall the Shopify app and reinstall it—this tends to fix the problem 9 out of 10 time. If you still don’t see the buttons, send an email to Support. We’d be happy to help!
  6. rBux plugin not displaying correctly? E.g. button covering pictures or descriptions or homepage icon not positioned on the correct side of screen?

    1. These things sometimes happen. Please contact Support.
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