Share products online with friends and earn Redeem rewards or cash out.

How to Share + Earn?

Watch this video!

Learn how to Refer products in less than 60 seconds!

Find a product you like!

If your favourite online store is signed up to rBux, go to the product you like and on that product page you will see a "Share + Earn button". Click the button to sign up, share and earn! Our Partners decide what this button looks like, so make sure you are clicking the right button! (If you've watched the video, you'll know!)

Earning and Redeeming Rewards

Learn what to do with your rBux after you've made your first successful product referral!

1. Select a Shopify Store!

Go to your favourite online store with rBux enabled. Then, go to the product page for the product you like!

2. Share product online

Look for the rBux Refer button on the page. Click, sign up and share via email, social or link!

3. Earn Rewards & Cash

When sales occur, you get rewarded! rBux are added to your account. Cash out or Redeem!